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Perry Mayer

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The Better Butt End was initially created to alleviate undue stress on the middle fingers of the upper hand that holds the butt end of the hockey stick.

Through research we have discovered that approximately seventy percent of hockey players hold the butt end of the hockey stick in the palm of their hand. This becomes evident when the palm of the hockey glove wears a hole through to the bare palm. We also discovered through time as the hockey player ages and continues playing they may inherit arthritic conditions particularly in the middle and ring finger. This is due to impact pressures along with constant twisting and stretching of the fingers and knuckle joints.

If you are experiencing any of these conditions presently or in the future the Better Butt End is the answer to getting a more full hand grip of the hockey stick which is the key to relieving most of the stress that is associated with using a straight ended stick.

Although the accomplishments related to alleviating stress have been accomplished there has been many other exciting performance enhancing discoveries. Please view our website in its entirety to learn more about this great revolutionary product we call the BETTER BUTT END.

Our Goal

Our Goal at Better Butt End Hockey Products Inc. is to provide a hockey stick accessory product that can deliver a distinct advantage over a straight butt end that is commonly used. We understand that the traditionalists may be skeptical. The ergonomic concept has revolutionized many ordinary products around the world. With your interest and support we will continue to raise the standard of excellence and provide all hockey players with our innovative hockey stick product that is simply Better than the rest.


The Better Butt End...

The Better Butt End is as revolutionary as the curve on the Hockey Stick blade.

This Ergonomically correct Butt End helps keep the Hockey Stick blade flatter on the playing surface as well as improve your grip on the Butt End of the stick.

Almost immediately you will notice the natural feel when Stick Handling the puck.

Stick Handling will be more fluent, your wrist shot, snap shot and slap shot will all improve due to the fact you will have more Leverage in the delivery.

Puck Speed will also increase.

Notably some of the best features are obtained through the Better Grip is the reaching, poke checking and dangling Advantages.

The Better Butt End offers many Performance Enhancing Advantages to many Hockey Players of all levels, skills, types and ages.

You have to try it to believe it.

NHL and Hockey Canada Approved.

The Better Butt End

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