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"My name is Christina Ashley, I am a 20 year old hockey player in Sweden's Elite Damserien Womens Hockey. I have used BETTER BUTT ENDS for the past two years, while playing for both my university team as well as my team here in Sweden. I have never felt as good with a stick in my hand as I do with a BETTER BUTT END. Whenever I get a new stick I immediately seek out a BETTER BUTT END, I don't think about going on the ice with my stick without one, it gives me that edge that is needed in competitive hockey. I often find that in Hockey it is the little things that get you the farthest. BETTER BUTT ENDS are by far one of the best pieces of equipment I have ever used.

– Christina Ashley

"Better Butt Ends and I have something in common, we both have partially dedicated our lives to developing minor hockey players throughout the world. They have come up with one of the most unique extensions that in my opinion could help enhance any players reach,puck control and shot.

After trying it,I had to have one. Then... I even started to help distribute them! to players all over to try. Well, the feedback was positive!

I highly recommend every player should have or at least try the 'BETTER BUT END' product.

Great job Perry!

– Tim Turk
Montreal Canadiens Skills Coach

"Since the first time I put the BETTER BUTT END in my hand I knew I would be using it in every composite stick I have.

I show it to as many Hockey Players I can talk to. I have been a Professional Power Skating Instructor for 20 plus years, which has taken me to just about every spot on the globe, from South Korea to Great Britain.

The BETTER BUTT END has been every where I have and it has had a positive response.

One of my Head Instructors from my Hockey School is playing Professional Hockey in Sweden for The Sundvall Wildcats. Her name is Christina Ashley, and she has the BETTER BUTT END in all of her Composite sticks.

In closing I think anybody that wants to be better at stick handling and have a harder more accurate shot should have a BETTER BUTT END in their stick."

– Kim Kiddle

I am known not to lie to anyone and so I will not to you. I have been putting the puck in the net now more then ever. Just last night I had a game and scored two top corner goals which received some compliments from my coach which are hard to come by. I have felt an improvement in my puck control which is a result of the 'Better Butt End'!! I have enjoyed it thus far and will continue to score with it!!! I can't thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to try out something new!!!

– Kathryn Traynor
Toronto Junior Aeros PWHL

"I've always had trouble holding my stick using all my fingers because my wrist was too bent, so I, like most players, held the butt end in the middle of my palm. This is why my top hand glove only lasted 1 to 2 seasons before needing replacing. By not holding the stick with all my fingers I would also lose power and control on my passes and shots. Since switching to the Better Butt End I have more control and power because I have a much better grip on the stick since my top wrist is not bent."

– Jymm Miller

"Hi Perry, just mailing you to let you know how pleased I am with the Better Butt End. After 3 months of use I wouldn't go a game without it. It's made my stick so much easier to handle and my wrists are so much more comfortable, shooting has improved and I just absolutely admire your thought innovation. I passed one on to Matt Johnston (Minnesota Wild) and he thought he'd give it a try after checking it out at the health club. I'm sure he'll like it. Personally I would highly recommend your Better Butt End to anyone interested in making their game more comfortable, enjoyable, and definitely gives you the edge over the competition. We could all use a little help. Thanks so Much!"

– Paul MacDonald,
Thorold, ON

"On behalf of our hockey team I would like to thank you for supporting players on our team with your new product. It has been so popular that almost every game another one or two of our players are trying our your new butt ends.

Quite a few of our players have been using them for a number of games and practices now and I feel it has become a definite asset to them. Not only does it give them a more natural feel, I have noticed it really makes the blade of the stick sit at a more natural angle on the ice.

I have personally used it for the last month and although skeptical at first, I to feel very comfortable using the product and would definitely recommend it.

In closing, I strongly believe you have a winner here and I wish you all the best with the new product."

– Tom Buchan
Head Coach, St. Catharines Sabres

Are you a satisfied customer of the Better Butt End? We'd love to hear what you think!
Please send us a message on the Contact Page.